PPSSPP Gold for iphone/ipad is one of the most stable and feature-rich PSP Emulators on the Internet. This popular emulator is available for all Devices such as Windows, iMac, Android, Linux, and iOS also. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect PSP Emulator for your iPhone and iPad devices then PPSSPP Gold can be your Best Choice.

ppsspp gold

PPSSPP Gold can run all the PSP Games and PSP ROM files in full resolutions in your Apple iPhone devices. You can also use this popular emulator over your big-screen in your Devices such as iPad mini and iPad Pro. it is the best emulator that offers iPhone users several features that you people can’t think of. Although the it is the Paid Version of the normal Emulator, you can download the Emulator file directly from our website.

ppsspp gold

PPSSPP Gold Emulator (ios)

Best Emulator for iPhone

it is the best emulator that offers iPhone users several features that you people can’t think of. it is one of the most unique games of all time. Hence, we are providing you – The Best PSP Emulator for the iPhone and iPads

ppsspp gold

PPSSPP Gold ios is an open-source PlayStation Portable or Sony PSP Console Emulator, which is very much popular in the internet and people have loved this emulator over the years. Now, it has been termed the VIP or the Paid Version of the Emulator. You get many special features and options that will definitely make your overall gameplay enjoyable and smooth. You can manage and customize each and every feature in the emulator.

Emulator for iPhone and iPad works smoothly on any Apple Device. However, you won’t find this application file free anywhere on the internet except for this website. We also make sure that you always get the best and the latest version on your Apple Devices that’s why we keep updating the Emulator here. So, you can also download updates for the future. Therefore, we suggest you bookmark our website for future reference.

We all know that iOS is a well-refined Operating System and Apple Devices have the most powerful processors in the present day. Now, we also know that the games which are available on the Sony PlayStation Portable Console hence, we are providing you the Best PSP Emulator for the iPhone and iPads. You can play popular PSP games such as GTA Vice City, Call Of Duty, God of War, Dragon Ball Z, and many more over your Apple Device using this Emulator. For More Details related to the PPSSPP Gold for iPhone/ipad, you can refer to the below given key information-

Features of PPSSPP Gold for ios

As if you have ever used this emulator on any other platform such as a PC, Android, or Mac then you will be getting the same features as those in the PPSSPP Gold for iphone/ipad, Apart from all these, you don’t need to jai*break your iOS device for this. You can simply install this application by following all the necessary steps required for the installation process. 

Before, that we are here mentioning all the major highlights and features of the Emulator. So, that you can get all the understanding about this popular Application before you install it on your Mobile Device. Hence, the features offered by this application are as follows-

You don’t need to Jailbreak or Root your iPhone and iPad to install this Application over your devices.

This Application is free and Available to download on our website. You can try bookmarking our website as well.

for iPhones and iPads allows Apple users to play different PSP Titles on their modern-day devices.

You can download and play some of the popular PSP or Sony PlayStation Portable titles from this website directly. You will find popular games like GTA Vice City, Dragon Ball Z, Taken 5, Call of Duty, and many more in the ISO and Zip file format.

for iPhone allows you to play a game in High Definition and in full HD Resolution. You can also customize your Graphics and Animations in the Games and emulator.

You will be able to open and execute the ZIP api and ISO Files directly from the PPSSPP Gold for iPhones and iPads. This is one of the most trendings and demanding PSP Emulators in the Apple App Market.

You will also be able to apply Anisotropic filters and you can also Save feature is also available in the PSP Emulator. You can simply save your games’ progress in different memory slots.

PPSSPP Gold for ios- How to Download

PPSSPP Gold for iPhone and iPads Download is available here. You can download it directly from the link given here on our website. it is well optimized and designed for Apple Devices, you can even use this application on Apple iPads. After downloading and installing this PSP emulator on your iPhone, you will be able to install and add more than 800 titles to your Gaming Environment. You can simply download and install the Emulator by simply following up on all the steps given below-

Name of the ApplicationPPSSPP Gold for iPhone/iPads (ipa)
DeveloperHenrik Rydgard
Updated A Day Ago
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Russian and Ukrainian 
Supported PlatformsiOS 13, 14 and 15+
Size27.66 MB
UsePlay Sony PlayStation and PSP Console Games on Apple Devices
Download LinkAvailable
  • Step 1- First of all, we all know that in iPhones, we can install the applications outside and third-party with the DEB Files.
  • Step 2- You can find the direct download link of the PPSSPP Gold for iPhone’s latest version DEB file above on this website.
  • Step 3- Now, after downloading the DEB File, you can simply install and use the Emulator on your iPhone and iPad.

Video Tutorial-

PPSSPP Gold for ios- How to Install

After downloading the above ipa file you definitely need to install this application on your iOS devices such as iPhones and iPad. Now, if you don’t know how to install this application with legal way in your iphone device, then don’t worry we are going to tell you everything from the step-by-step process below.

Step 1- As we mentioned above that you can install the emulator on each and every Apple device. First of all, you need to open the browser on your iphone device.

ppsspp gold

Step 2- Once, you open any browser on your iphone Device such as Safari then you simply need to Search for the Cranked Apps, it will take some  time to load the page, then search ‘PPSSPP Gold Emulator.’

ppsspp gold

Step 3- Make sure you have selected the updated version of the emulator on the page and then after you need to click on the install button.

ppsspp gold

Step 4– You will find the Install Button on the bottom or downside of the page. It will ask you for a confirmation to install the app. Tap on the install button.

ppsspp gold

Step 5- Go to your iPhone or iPad Homescreen to get the application on your Device

PPSSPP Gold for iPhone- System Requirements 

Now, if you have downloaded the PPSSPP Gold ipa on your iPhone and iPad, and now you want to play games over there. But you are not sure whether your device will support a smooth gameplay experience in the Emulator or not. Then there are all the models of the Apple iPhone which has support of the current version. You can match the given list with your Apple Device.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Yes, you can download and install the latest version of the iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. You can download the latest file from our website.

Yes, you can simply download and install the ipa file in your iPhones and iPads. We have given each and every single detail related to this in the above.

it is a popular Sony PSP or PlayStation Emulator, which allows users to play the PSP games with the ROM files on modern-day devices such as Android Devices and PC.

No, it is a Paid Emulator Developed by Henrik Rydgard, this is different from the regular PPSSPP as it offers a lot more VIP features of controls and customizations in the games. 


So, in the above, we have discussed everything about the PPSSPP Gold for iPhone and iPad. If you are also a gamer and you also want to play the classic PlayStation Portable or Sony PSP games over your iPhones and iPads, then you need to follow our website. As we had also given you complete details and the Best PSP Emulator, which is for iPhone. Not just this only, but we had also guided you with a step-by-step detailed guide to using the Emulator on your iOS Device. So, if you have any queries related to this then you can ask us in the below comment box. However, if you enjoyed reading the details then keep following us on our website for such educational and informative content.